Things to Look in Residential Property Business

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In doing this type of business the thing you need is the ability to negotiate and also the desire to work hard. The first step you should do is to find a house to sell. After getting the house for sale your next task is to find the buyer. Tricks to find homes that will be sold You can do it by searching for ads in the media either online or offline. Or you can also go directly to the developer's office.

Well so that you get a big profit in this business then look for property that there is writing like this: sold seniali BJOP, or it could be sold immediately or quickly, it could be obsolete property or property want to be auctioned. These types of properties certainly set a price lower than the market price.

Doing business property buying and selling house with conditions like the above in addition will also benefit you will be easier in negotiating with the owner of the house. Property conditions that are not like the original or the needs of the owner of the property will be sales funds should be good for you to use to negotiate, while remaining profitable to all parties.

Once you get the property, then the next step is you are looking for a buyer. There are many ways you can advertise these properties, such as print and free advertising on the internet. If you have excess funds and want to raise the price of the property, fix the property to near its original condition.

There are also other alternatives to selling the property by making it as boarding or contracting. However, of course you should consider the location of the property is ideal, and you also have to spend extra effort to maintain the property so as not to be damaged during use by people who rent.


The constraints of this type of business lies in the pemsaran and processing of documents required. But you need not worry, because it will be easy if you do it seriously. Establish relationships with various parties, one of whom is competent in the field of document management. And certainly for marketing, in today's digital world you have many choices, for example as mentioned above.

Those are some things you should know about the residential property business buying and selling houses. Hopefully it can be your provision in the business of buying and selling this house. But basically what you need most is intention and hard work.